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            Welcome to jiangsu jitai power equipment co. LTD!

            The phone:


            ABOUT JITAI

            Company has always been adhering to the "practical, striving, bear" spirit of enterprise, all starting from the needs of customers, with excellent product quality, brand-new management pattern, forward-looking technology research and development, and form a complete set of perfect service, continuously provide value for customers and moved, for entrepreneurs to provide a good environment and resources protection; Based on this, we constantly challenge the technical limit and the pursuit of perfect service. We are committed to leading the industry and influencing the future with the highest end products, the lowest price and the most perfect service.

            Company profile

            Jiangsu Jitai Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Beigou Development Zone, Xinyi City, Jiangsu Province Industrial Park, adjacent to 205 National Road, Shin-Shin-Shin-Nanan new exit, convenient transportation and beautiful scenery. Is a set design, production and sales of complete sets of power transmission and distribution equipment manufacturers, the companys products…



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